Hafele Axle 12S Freestanding Dishwasher | Hygienic Alternative To Your Regular Washing.

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Brand: Hafele


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Hafele’s premium appliances range equips you with the choice of concentrating on activities that really need your attention. With our range of appliances you can go about your day without the added stress of doing that big batch of laundry or cleaning your utensils. Hafele’s New Freestanding Dishwasher Range is a hygienic and quiet alternative to your regular washing.



Standard Cleaning Cycle: ECO 45 degree C
Standard Place Settings: 12
Water Pressure (Flow-Pressure):0.04-1.0Mpa=0.4-10 bar
Power Consumption of Off-Mode: 0.45W
Mounting: Freestanding
Program Duration of the Standard Cleaning Cycle: 190 min
Annual Water Consumption: 3080 L
Noice Level: 49 db(A) re 1 pW
Energy Efficiency Class: A++
Power Consumption: 1930W
Rated Voltage/ Frequency: 230V/50Hz
Energy Consumption of The Standard Cleaning Cycle: 0.90 Kwh
Annual Energy Consumption: 258WH
Power Consumption of Left On-Mode: 0.49W
Could Be Built-In: Yes
Drying Efficiency Class: A
Article Number: 538.21.290

Technical Details:

Article Code: 538.21.190



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