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Vim Gel dishwashing liquid comes infused with the Power of lemons! Just 1 spoon of Vim Gel is all you need to remove the toughest of grease from your utensils. It’s special formula ensures that it is tough on stains but gentle on your hands. Just one teaspoon of Vim Gel in one cup of water and your ready! Its ensures that the toughest of grease is removed with ease without damaging your precious cookware. So whether it is mum’s burnt Halwa or your experimental Dal Makhani, sparkling clean utensils is something you will get everytime. Vim gel unlike the other Dishwash bars does not leave white residue which is visible after the utensils have dried and does not damage or scratch your expensive cookware’s delicate surfaces such as non stick or ceramic too. Vim Gel with its power of lemons comes with a refreshing lemon fragrance which not only helps to do away with odour but also gives best grease cutting ability makes it our best dishwashing product ever. Don’t forget its gentle on your hands too! Vim gel is also available is various bottles and pouches with nozzles making it easy to pour.


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Brand : Vim

Size : 750ml

Features : No bar like residue on dishes
Removes stubborn malodour from plastic
Prevents scratches on delicate cookware
One spoonful can clean an entire sinkful of dirty dishes
Tough on stains, gentle on hands; Get sparkling clean utensils with one spoon only



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