SUNSILK Co-Creation Perfect Straight Shampoo 80ml Pack of 2 (160 ml)

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Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo, for lively, straight hair that moves with you. There is a magic moment between wet and dry hair when your hair looks perfectly straight and beautifully aligned. Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo is co-created with yuko yamashita, straight expert from Tokyo, Yuko has been a collaborator in producing breakthrough technology in hair care with sunsilk and continues to give her inside scoop on how to achieve perfect straight hair, starting in the shower.


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SUNSILK Co-Creation Perfect Straight Shampoo

Brand : Sunsilk

Size : 80ml*2

Features : For perfectly straight and aligned hair
Co-created with hair expert Yuko Yamashita
The shampoo and conditioner for straight hair every day
Its straight-lock technology actively control and hair strands perfectly aligned as it dries



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