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For long lasting protection and comfort up to 12 hours, choose Stayfree secure cottony soft XL. Designed with wings, this extra large pad keeps you comfortable and secure for longer so you can move freely and with confidence. The Stayfree cottony soft pads come with a soft and delicate material that is gentle on your skin and prevents rashes and dryness.


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Brand : Stayfree

Size : 6napkins

Features : With Stayfree Secure® XL Ultra Thin, get a superior dry feel and better coverage as compared to regular pads. The Stayfree Secure® Ultra-Thin pad is flexible, and fits your body perfectly, so you can stay secure without worrying about leakages. Unlike thick pads, the Stayfree ultra-thin pad has a comfortable design that helps you move freely without discomfort. Along with a smart design, Stayfree Secure® XL also comes in a size that can absorb wetness and keep you dry for a longer time. This STAYFREE® product thus takes care of all your period-related problems in one go!

Length of the pad : 280mm
Made for Regular to Heavy Periods
Dry Cover gives you a superior dry feel
Gel Lock Technology that converts heavy flow into gel and locks it in
Odour Control System helps prevent odour and keeps you feeling fresh
Individually packed pads available in 6 and 10 counts
*Based on lab and technical data

A product like STAYFREE Secure® Ultra-Thin XL is an all-in-one solution for your period woes. Now get through your menstrual cycle without worrying about finding the perfect sanitary pad!



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