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For long lasting protection and comfort up to 12 hours, choose Stayfree secure cottony soft XL. Designed with wings, this extra large pad keeps you comfortable and secure for longer so you can move freely and with confidence. The Stayfree cottony soft pads come with a soft and delicate material that is gentle on your skin and prevents rashes and dryness.


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Brand : Stayfree

Size : 7napkins

Features : For better daytime protection, choose Stayfree Dry-Max® XL. The special cover on this ultra pad lets you keep moving throughout your day while you stay confident and fresh.

Length of the pad: 315mm
Made for Regular to Heavy periods
Nearly 40% longer**- for long lasting protection
Dry-Max® Cover gives you the best dry feel throughout the day*
Super Lock Pockets with gel core rapidly locks in fluid even for the heaviest flow
Odour Control System with natural plant extracts helps prevent odour to keep you fresh and confident
Individually packed pads available in 7 count



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