Santoor Sandal & Turmeric Soap 150 g (Pack Of 4) + Sandal & Turmeric Soap 2×100 g, Combo (2 Items)

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Santoor has grown from a traditional south Indian soap to a modern beauty soap that carries the secret of younger-looking skin for women of different age groups. Sandal and Turmeric have been an essential part of the Indian woman’s skincare regimen for centuries. The deep acting ingredients of Turmeric and Sandal in the soap provide a smooth, soft and clear skin while also giving a youthful glow to the skin. It has fresh, energizing and a long-lasting fragrance.


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Brand : Santoor

Size : 4*150 g+ 2*100 g

Features : Its a great solution for problems such as blackhead, acne and skin allergies. It removes tanning, cures skin itching and detoxifies the skin.
Deep acting ingredients of Sandal an Almond Milk soften and moisturize your skin making it look younger. The new variant Moisturized Soft Skin provides a whole new bathing experience. A new lingering fragrance enhances the entire experience.



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