RIN Bar ( Pack Of 10 )250 Gm Soap Detergent Bar

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Rin Detergent Bar 250 g (Pack of 4)
Your whites will be whiter and the colours will be brighter with this Rin Detergent Bar. Known to remove the toughest stains, this detergent bar is gentle on hands & has a good fragrance. Keep your worries at bay with this powerful detergent bar, which shall make harsh stains, dirt, and grime disappear within seconds. So go ahead and buy this product online today!Benefits:• Retains new-like shine of both colored and white clothes. • Removes tough stains in just 1 wash.


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Brand : Rin

Size : 250 * pack of 10

Features : Keeps your clothes bright like new, after wash
Removes dullness from within



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