Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash 60gm

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The fresh and gentle face wash by Pears offers a gentleness to your skin and makes it look pepped up. The face wash is enriched with menthol to give you a refreshing and cooling effect every time you wash your face. It’s gentle yet effective at the same time. The fresh and gentle face wash removes dead skin cells to reveal clear and younger looking skin and also helps you look brighter. Its natural oils and glycerin provides moisture to your skin, making your face feel silky smooth while it stays clear and radiant. You can carry this tube even in your bag, get this face wash right away.


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Brand : Pears

Size : 60g

Features : Enriched with pure glycerin & natural oils that gently moisturize the skin for a smooth feel
Contains gentle exfoliating beads & cooling crystals that deeply cleanse & wash away dead skin cells
This provides you a soap-free washing preparation.
Deep cleans and washes away dead skin cells
Fresh and renewed skin.
Use twice a day for best results



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