Meera Hairwash Powder – Herbal, 120 g Bottle

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According to Ayurvedic literature, one of the causes of hair problems could be excess body heat. Cool your body with a weekly routine of oiling your hair before you take a bath with Meera Herbal Hairwash Powder. It is an aromatic blend of roots, flowers, and leaves from seven natural herbs.
It contains Shikakai, Green gram, Tulsi, Vetiver and Reetha that cleanses your hair and leaves it fresh and shiny, whilst Hibiscus and Fenugreek act as deep conditioners, strengthening each strand of hair from root to the tip.


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Brand :Meera

Size : 120 g

Features : Herbal powder made from a blend of roots, flowers and leaves from 8 natural herbs
Strengthens and nourishes your hair from root to tip
Cools down the excess body heat which is one of the major reasons behind hair fall
Use the hairwash powder on oiled scalp and hair to get the best results
Give yourself healthy, fuss-free and gorgeous hair

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 6.4 × 6.4 × 12.9 cm


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