Godrej No 1 Lime & Aloe Vera Soap

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Favored by over 380 million consumers, Godrej No.1 offers you ‘nature’s way to beauty’ with carefully chosen natural ingredients to make your skin naturally beautiful. It is Grade 1 quality soap and the highest selling soap of its kind in the country. Godrej No.1 Lime and Aloe Vera soap has a dash of lime, known for its invigoration properties, has been combined with the gentleness of Aloe Vera, which retains the skin’s moisture to keep it soft. The combination of these ingredients leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. It preserves the young nature of your skin giving you a perfect complexion. It protects your skin and gives you a youthful and young look.


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Brand : Godrej

Size : 4*100g

Features : Grade 1 soap with 76% TFM
Suitable for all skin types and all age groups
Contains natural oils to give you skin that glows with nourishment
Combination of Lime and Aloe Vera leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft
Fragrance: Lime



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