Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo

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Brand: Dove

Size: 240ml

Features: We do all sorts of different things to get the look we love, and that can be tough on our hair. With the right care, though, we can all keep on enjoying healthy hair. Did you know that it’s possible to regenerate the look and feel of healthy hair and let go of your worries and concerns about damaged locks? We’ve drawn inspiration from the regenerative powers of nature to help make bad hair days a thing of the past with Dove Advanced Hair Series REGENERATIVE REPAIR Shampoo. Red Algae have evolved over millions of years, living on rocky ocean shores, to survive the various stresses of their environment, including dehydration and large changes in temperature. The cells of red algae are rich in polysaccharides, known for their moisture retention properties and ability to help the proteins maintain their structure. This nourishing shampoo, with its unique Red Algae + Keratin Nutri Complex, helps replenish nutrients, fortify the internal structure of damaged hair and give it a smoother, stronger# look and feel – as if damage never happened. For comprehensive benefits, use with Dove Regenerative Repair Conditioner.



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