Clinic Plus Strong & Long Shampoo, 1000 ml

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Clinic Plus believes that girls can achieve their true potential when they are raised to be strong. Mothers who empower their daughters by instilling values such as resilience and determination in them, will find that the confidence to face life’s obstacles comes naturally to them. A solid foundation is always essential and empowering – both in life, and when it comes to hair as well.


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Brand : Clinic

Size : 1000ml

Features : New Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health shampoo nourishes and makes hair stronger with it’s milk protein plus multivitamin formulae
It helps nourish your hair from roots & make them strong
Can be used by the whole family
Suitable for all hair types
The milk protein penetrates each hair strand providing nourishment each time you wash your hair
For best results wash your hair daily with Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health shampoo



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