AXE Ultra Smooth Shaving Foam

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Ideal For: Men
Skin Type: All Skin Type
Professional Care


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Brand: Axe

Features: The Worlds # 1 Male Deodorant Axe brings you the all new Axe shave range! Known worldwide for its uber-cool, young, and sexy approach to mens grooming products, Axe brings you this super slick, super smooth shaving foam that will replace your shaving gel or cream. Dont believe us? Give it a shot and get ready to put your best look on every morning with the all new Axe Ultrasmooth Shaving Foam! Filled with soothing Aloe Vera, moisturisers that help condition the skin and a refreshing citrus fragrance The Axe Ultrasmooth Shaving Foam reduces the risk of burns, nicks and cuts caused during shaving. Why is shaving foam better than shaving gel or cream? Shaving foam provides light lather that is airy on the skin, and very easy to rinse off as opposed to a shave gel or cream and hence is much easier to use. Just dispense the required amount of foam on your fingertips, apply the foam on your face, andshaveas usual to get a super smooth, super slick shave in no time! Top up your Axe Ultrasmooth Shaving Foam with the all new Axe Ultrasmooth Shaving Balm and build the ultimate shave regime.




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